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Specialising in female sexual health issues & psychotherapy
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About Dr Lesley Yee

Dr Lesley Yee is a sexual health physician and medical psychotherapist.

Lesley completed her medical degree at the University of Sydney. She worked in general practice for ten years before moving into working in women’s sexual health with Family Planning NSW. She has continued to work in this area for the past 25 years and is now a recognised specialist in female sexual issues.

In 2000 Lesley completed a Masters of Medicine in psychotherapy. This allows her to have a holistic approach to her patients as many of the problems she sees are both physical and psychological in their nature.

Patients seek an appointment for either sexual health issues, or for general psychotherapy that may or may not have a sexual context.

Lesley has presented at many national conferences and is a regular lecturer at doctors courses in sexual health. She has an appointment at Royal North Shore Hospital where she works in a public hospital clinic . She reviews articles for medical journals, and has published several articles in her areas of interest. 

Sexual Health Physician

Medical Psychotherapist

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